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Entrepreneur Resorts Receives Update from Upstream

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Entrepreneur Resorts Announces Earnings Call with CEO Roger Hamilton Including Results of Share Count

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Existing ERL shareholders - How do I transfer my shares to Upstream?


Genius Group shareholders - How do I receive my ERL shares on Upstream?

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Company Overview

Entrepreneur Resorts Limited is a Seychelles publicly traded company (ticker: ERL) that we believe is the world’s leading group of resorts, retreats, and co-working cafes for entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be their chosen, trusted brand, as the home of the entrepreneur movement. 

Entrepreneur Resorts was launched to solve a need that the growing number of global entrepreneurs in the world have: A way to co-work, co-live and co-learn in paradise locations around the world, connecting with local entrepreneur communities.

IR Contacts


Entrepreneur Resorts Limited
8 Amoy Street
T: +65 8940 1200

Sponsor Advisor

Horizon Fintex Advisors, Ltd.
F20, 1st Floor, Eden Plaza,
Eden Island, Seychelles