Announcement: Results of Annual General Meeting Voting

Entrepreneur Resorts Ltd (MERJ: ERL) (“ERL” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the results of voting at the Annual General Meeting held on Friday 19 January 2024, at 9 am Singapore time (8 pm NY time 18 January 2024).


For these Ordinary Resolutions to be adopted, the support of more than 50% (fifty per cent) of the total number of votes per Ordinary Resolution, which the shareholders present or are represented by proxy at this Meeting are entitled to cast, is required.

  • Resolution 1. The Acceptance of the Annual Financial Audited Report
    Result: Passed with 99.61% of votes Yes
  • Resolution 2. Declaration of any dividend
    Result: Passed with 94.49% of votes Yes
  • Resolution 3. Re-election of Director – retiring by rotation
    Result: Passed with 99.66% of votes Yes
  • Resolution 4. Re-election of Director – retiring by rotation
    Result: Passed with 96.41% of votes Yes

26 January 2024
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